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Detailansicht Case #1091

Nickname: Ohmy
Homepage: www.jancerveny.net

Case Name: Eleanor v1
Halo leute! :D
Well, I'm not so sure what this exactly means, but... let's leave it :)

This is the description of my machine:
PIII 600E @ 630MHz (locked multiplier, I can't get more of it)
MB MSI 6163 pro
128MB 128 bus MSI GF5500 @ 350 Mhz
192 MB 133 SDRAM
15GB 7200 rpm Quantum Fireball
20 GB 7200 rpm Seagate Barracuda
DVD-ROM Pioneer 115
CD-RW Teac 540c
ATI TV Wonder VE
Some USB2 PCI card
Noname Soundcard running with AC97,
19" CRT by AOC
Some silver mouse by Genius
and some cables, and so... Nothing of interest :)

This machine was so weak that I wanted to make it special in some way. This is my way. Completely custom front, window in one side, logo on other side, completely lighted, silver color, front side is made from plexi, which background is painted by teflon-looking metalic color. Custom high-lighting diods. External Power supply. Looks decent, isn't it? :D I'm looking for orange lightning light.

Thx for your time.

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