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Detailansicht Case #1195

Nickname: nexin
Homepage: home.arcor.de/nexin/PC3

Case Name:
I’ve got a P4 1.6 with a GigaByte 865PE-board, a GeForce 4 Ti4200 and 160 GB space on two IDE-harddrives.
When I first saw this case in the Internet a immediately fell in love with it! And with the little modding I’ve done, I think it looks even better than before. I build the Fan-Control on my own with four metal switches and four ultra bright LEDs (and they’re really ultra bright; I can nearly light my room with them). On the first switch I put the blue underglow (two CC’s) on the second there is the interior lightning (also two blue CC’s). Switch three has a 12cm blue lighted fan, which is on the back of my PC and switch four a 8cm fan on the top (also blue). The inside of my case is full of sound-absorption-stuff, like you can see on the pictures. The cables of the CC's or the frontpanel-cables run under the sound-absorbtion-matts so that the computer looks really organized.

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